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Our base area includes all of North Chattanooga, Red Bank, Hixson & Middle Valley. We do care for cats outside this area but for a slightly higher fee.

Our basic rates are $25/day for one visit or $45/day for two visits. Visits outside our base area cost slightly more, depending on location. You can always contact us for a quote, which is free. If you have more than 10 cats, we may charge a little more depending on the feeding & medication needs of your cats. Again, we'll happily give you a free quote.

At the minimum, we get a good look at every cat, put out fresh food & water & clean litterboxes. We also write care notes on the cats' behavior, demeanor, appetite, etc. These notes can either be left in your home or emailed or texted to you while you're away. If your cat requires medication, we give that. If your cat enjoys play, a lap, scratches or treats, we do that too. Typically we also bring in newspapers, mail and deliveries & change which lights are on.

Of course we sit for dogs & quite enjoy them. Some of our best friends are dogs. But we are cat specialists and as such focus more on felines than canines.

We accept cash, check, PayPal or Venmo.

Call us & we'll make an appointment to come meet you and your cats. If you have any questions, please ask us then. Then you can decide if we're the right catsitter for you. When we meet you and your cats, see their needs & routine & learn your travel dates, we'll also ask about cat carriers and your vet, just in case of emergency. We would also get a house key and your contact information while you're traveling.

We do offer a referral discount. Any time you refer a new client who uses our services you will receive a free day of catsitting for your cats.

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