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Cat Care

Of course every cat needs the basics, fresh food and water and a clean litterbox. We monitor your cats for any signs of illness and in the case of serious illness will take the cat to their veterinarian. We indulge those cats who enjoy lapsitting, play, catnip or treats. For those scaredy cats who are afraid of strangers, we are extra quiet, move slowly, avoid eye contact and allow the cat to determine how close we get. We give medications to those cats that require it (but have failed at this with a few cats).

Cat Transport

Moving? Sharing Cat Custody? Spending time at a second home? We transport cats by car, door to door between homes, to the airport or to whatever your destination. Just let us know your travel details and we'll give you a free quote.


We're not actually housekeepers but cats sometimes make messes that require cleaning up. We sweep litter, cleanup vomit, hairballs and litterbox misses. When you return your home will be as clean as when you left.


We bring in newspapers, mail and deliveries. We turn lights on and off and open and close curtains. We park in a visible location. All this makes your house look lived in rather than empty.


We will water your plants and other tasks that need doing on a regular basis.

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